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Bear and Breakfast is the first game from Gummycat Studios, and it’s making a bear-y big impact on the management sim world. It was published by Armory Games on July 28 on PC, and is currently slated to come to the Nintendo Switch later this year. In Bear and Breakfast, you step into the paws of Hank, a teenage bear who lives in the Valley, a once-bustling tourist destination that has been completely abandoned. As wildlife create their way back into the area, Hank, along with his friends, stumbles across the ruins of an old resort. Here, you’ll meet Fin, a shark with Pawn Voyage, a company with vibes as shady as the forest floor. Fin will enlist you to obtain the resort running again, sending you on a journey of restoration, hospitality, and the life of a B&B manager—tinged with spooky undertones as Hank works to unravel the mysterious and dark history behind the forest.

Most of your time, however, will be spent playing host to those ever-picky, ever-wasteful humans who finally come to stay in the Valley. There are five regions that need to be restored in the Valley: Timber Crossing, The A24, Highlake, Winterberry, and Pinefall. You begin in Timber Crossing, and each new resort will be increasingly difficult to decorate—at least, to your guests’ approval. Each guest will rate the cabin they stayed in, and trust us: those humans can obtain pretty picky. You’ll need to book a sure number of guests and accomplish particular rating scores in order to complete quests and progress through the story. Despite the upbeat artwork and seemingly-straightforward story, it can actually be quite easy to obtain missing in the numerous activities of the game, but we’ve got you covered: here’s how to play Bear and Breakfast like it’s on EZ Mode.

One Man’s Trash is Another Bear’s EPIC TREASURE

Scavenging for inventory is one of the most important matters you do in Bear and Breakfast. This may surprise you, but construction an empire of five thriving resorts requires a lot of resources. These include a number of forms of wood, metal, stones, and more. To acquire these resources, it’s critical to explore every nook and cranny of the Valley; if it’s a woodpile that will continuously inventory you in lumber, or a chunk of porcelain that was invisible were it not for a map notification, taking the time to scout out resources will pay off big time in crafting and decor opportunities. And that’s what Bear and Breakfast is all about!

You should also keep an eye out for discarded trash from the humans, like apple cores or cans or their DVD copy of Batgirl (no, that last one is not actually an item in the game). While these items are worthless to your guests, to Hank, they are valuables, and one of the game’s currencies. He can collect these materials to trade for more useful, practical matters at Nook’s dumpster. To access Nook’s dirty little shop, all you need to do is bring him a sandwich.

Most games, especially management sim RPGs, tend to begin with little inventory spaces, but that’s not the case here. Hank can carry a big number of items, and there’s a nifty Bear Stash located near the Pawn Voyage van that has infinite storage space. Plus, items stored in one Bear Stash can be picked  up from any location on the map; if you put a valuable into the bear stash at A24, you can take it out again at Pinefall.

Also, it’s worth getting to know and paying attention to your map. The latter will point out with a glitter where materials may be hiding, while the former will help you quickly navigate areas of the Valley to collect said resources.

This is a B&B, not a nude beach

Here’s a short, easy thing to follow, especially in the early-game: be sure to keep Hank equipped with clothing at all times. Hank has a big heart, and wouldn’t hurt a fly, but the humans who come stay at the resort have problem seeing past his fur, and they will freak out if they see Hank in his bear-thday suit. Somehow, even a easy pair of jean shorts and a hat is enough to trick the human guests into thinking that Hank is one of them. As you attract more guests to your resort, and as your reach expands through the different areas of the Valley, word will obtain around that you’re a friendly bear.

Also, for what it’s worth, nothing bad actually happens if a human does see Hank in all his natural beauty. A scared face emoji will pop up above your guest’s head, but it won’t set back your quests. But hey, this is the hospitality business. It’s bad taste to cause your guests discomfort.

Ready, Set, Focus!

As we mentioned before, it can be easy to obtain overwhelmed by quests in Bear and Breakfast. Between leading story quests, sidequests, keeping guests happy, and maintaining existing resorts while construction new ones—it’s a lot. Fortunately, Bear and Breakfast gives you a handy-dandy journal early in the game, even before you meet Fin. This journal will help you keep course of what you need to do, even when matters feel too overwhelming to follow. To avoid feeling like that, we recommend focusing on one thing at a time. Quests related to the leading story should take priority, but for the completionists reading this, try limiting it to all quests in a particular region. No moving on to Winterberry until you’ve gotten as far as you can in Highlake.

Another good way to stop yourself from being too overwhelmed by tasks? Don’t do them! No, we don’t mean you should neglect your guests; rather, you should hire your friends to do your work. As you explore the Valley, you’ll meet numerous memorable critters. While most of them will initially give you a quick sidequest, some can take over sure responsibilities at your resorts… for a fee, of course. The mark of a good manager is delegating instead of taking on everything yourself, so begin hiring today.

Designers, Make it Work

When you go about restoring and renovating, it is imperative you think ahead about what you intend to create. Not only are you limited by what resources you have and what blueprints you’ve unlocked, you’re also limited by the sum of space in your resort. Bear and Breakfast uses a grid for easy organizing, but that doesn’t change the fact that you can only design so numerous rooms in a building, and only fit so numerous decorations in a room. Knowing your plan of attack can help create sure you’re only crafting the items you need, and not wasting any resources or floor space. A good way to improve your decor score without sacrificing square footage? Focus on carpet, rugs, paintings, and other wall items. Fortunately, there are a thousand ways to customize each resort, keeping it on-theme and your guests happy.

However, it’s important to be deliberate when crafting (or buying) items in Bear and Breakfast, as nothing in the game can be sold. If you made a lamp that doesn’t suit a room, or have a duplicate item, your only option is to either destroy it or relocate it to another resort (assuming it fits the vibe there instead).

And there you have it! With this guide, you’ll be running a five-star resort in no time. We hope you enjoyed your stay, and have a relaxing time playing Bear and Breakfast on EZ Mode.

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